Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Hershey's Kiss Roses - so easy a Cub Scout could do it - maybe!

My responsibility in the church these days is to do Activity Days with the ten and eleven year old girls. It's like Cub Scouts for girls.

Talk about fun!

Last week we made these adorable roses out of Hershey's Kisses.

I used to be a Cub Scout den leader. What a difference. Don't get me wrong - I loved Cub Scouts. There's just a significant difference in what boys and girls this age are capable of as far as crafts go. I remember another den leader once telling me, "I just go into a craft store and ask for a craft that takes a normal person five minutes to make, and it's perfect for an hour-long den meeting."

The girls had no problem making these roses. They came out really cute.

If you're looking for a fun, easy, inexpensive Valentine for little girls to make for their friends, grandparents or teachers, this might be it.

You will need:

cellophane (red or pink for roses and green for leaves)*
wooden skewers
floral tape
Scotch tape
paper cutter**
Hershey's Kisses

*I bought cello gift bags at Walmart and cut them up.

**Cutting the cello bags with scissors was tricky. The bags were not quite regular cellophane. They were a bit more plastic-like. The paper cutter worked really well.

1. Using the paper cutter, cut the pink or red cellophane into five inch squares and the green cellophane into four inch squares.

2. Roll a small piece of Scotch tape so it is sticky on both sides. Tape the flat sides of two wrapped Kisses together.

3. Carefully stick a skewer into the pointed end of one of the Kisses.

4. Put the pointed end of the other Kiss in the center of a pink or red cellophane square. Wrap the Kisses as if you were putting the wrapper on a Tootsie Pop, twisting paper around the skewer at the base of the Kisses.

5. While holding the twisted cellophane in place, start wrapping the floral tape around the cellophane and skewer. You must stretch the floral tape to make it sticky enough. Wrap tightly. Wrap just down far enough so that it all stays together securely without your holding it, then stop and put it down.

6. Fold a green cellophane square so you have points along the top edge. Do this by bringing a bottom corner up between the two top corners and then folding the whole thing over. It will be cone shaped. This need not be exact. You just need something that looks like greenery to place behind your rose bud.

7. Place your greenery behind your rose bud.

8. Continue to wrap with the floral tape. Rewrap where you already wrapped, incorporating the green cellophane into it all. Be sure to stretch as you go so that the floral tape will stick to itself. And wrap tightly.

9.When the bud and leaves are securely in place, continue to wrap down the length of the skewer. When you get to the bottom, wrap back up a little ways. Cut off floral tape and stretch and smooth the end around the skewer.

10. Tie a ribbon around the stem. Voila!

Happy Valentine's Day!

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  1. Cute! I miss achievement days, or whatever it's called now :) I just got put in the primary presidency in my ward and I'm scrambling to remember all the fun things we used to do in 3rd ward. I'm just grateful our primary isn't nearly half as big as it was when we were growing up, and the kids aren't half as naughty as we were :) I distinctly remember painting nails with Carolyn on the back row of primary one Sunday. Geesh!